Online Visibility 

When consumers need something, most start their search online. So how do you show up in their searches?

The answer is not SEO. Why?

Long gone are the days when you can say “I want to come up on searches for keyword 1, keyword 2 and keyword 3” and have the magic of keyword optimization, backlinks, and other SEO tactics work. There is so much competition and so much information out there, and search engines are only serving up the best results.

How do you become the BEST RESULTS?

Lake Shark Media has moved beyond the basic SEO strategies used by many SEO companies. In the last decade, we have developed an Online Visibility process that combines more than just keywords, and more than just Google. It keeps you visible across the web to your customers AND it’s not just forking over dollars in Google Pay per Click.

Our process is more organic, meaning it’s lasting.  And it is more widespread that just utilizing Google to get found.  (hint: don’t put all your eggs in the Google basket, those pesky algorithms change oh so often.)

So how does Lake Shark’s Online Visibility work?

We learn about your business, your services, and your customers and develop an Online Visibility plan to get you results in your market. This consists of a mix of industry and local web sites, the proper social media channels for your industry, online profiles, content + blog marketing, keyword strategies and more. And we don’t just work on the getting you traffic, but what happens when the traffic gets there.

Results start to ramp up in the few weeks and keep getting better as time goes on. We consistently monitor and adjust your online presence so you won’t get bumped off customer’s radar by algorithms or the competition.

We make the connection between you and your customer. We get you found online.

Are you ready to get your feet wet? Are you ready to get found online?

If you would like to learn more about how you can grow your business with Smart Marketing and want to set up your Online Visability you can request a consultation with Lake Shark Media here.


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