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If  you’re wanting to learn digital marketing for yourself, to train your staff or you want to learn the basics before you hire out, you’re in the right place. We are spilling all our digital marketing secrets.  

Get the best Digital Marketing Courses from entrepreneurS for entrepreneurs. 

Digital Marketing Courses

Email List 101 Course

Email marketing course

Are you ready to stop hustling for customers and put your growth on autopilot?

Get the easy-to-follow, step-by-step process for attracting your ideal customer 24/7. This is the best email marketing course for beginners to set up your email marketing strategy. This video course will get you started on your first 1k subscribers.

Lead Magnet Course

Lead Magnet Course

Want to grow your email list but aren’t sure how to get the right people to sign up?

Learn the easiest, hands-off way to attract new clients and customers on autopilot. Get step-by-step instructions that will simplify creating this effective asset that will work for your business for years to come. No tech skills required!

Email Autoresponder Course

Email Autoresponder Course

Want to write and set up emails that do ALL the selling for you? Imagine the time you’ll save???

Automation is the busy entrepreneur’s best friend, and when done correctly can be your greatest asset to connect and sell! Learn the exact process the pros use to create a captivating email series that build trust and convert. No sales writing experience needed.

Intro SEO + Keywords Course

Are you thinking of hiring or doing your own SEO? Tired of only finding overly complicated, overly technical information?

Whether you hire an SEO or do your own, every website owner should learn SEO basics. This intro to SEO course is the perfect easy to understand primer made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Marketing Message Course

Marketing Message Course

Want your customers to feel connected and engaged just by the words in your marketing?

Learn how to captivate your audience with messaging that resonates & converts into sales. You’ll build trust, showcase your authority, and sell more all through the messages you put on your website, social media, and emails. No writing experience needed.

Magnetic Content Course

Magnetic Content Course

Have you tried making content online only to get little results and felt your time was wasted?

Content can be a powerhouse in attracting the right clients to your business. You’ll learn exactly what content to make and how to repurpose and distribute it easily so you get better results in less time. Let’s make your content magnetic.

Personal Branding Course

Personal Branding Course | Torie Mathis

Want to stand out in the market, showcase yourself as an expert, and make sales easy?

This personal branding course will show you how to create a powerful personal brand, no matter what your industry, that will grow your reputation as an expert or thought leader and attract new opportunities and new clients.

Low Cost Marketing Course

Low Cost Marketing Course

Want to create effective marketing that brings in sales but don’t have a huge budget?

No budget, no problem! Learn amazing low-cost marketing strategies that you can use right now to attract the right customers and get sales with little to no budget. Learn short-term and long-term strategies that get results no and in the future.

Social Proof Course

Social Proof Course

Imagine if you could harness the power of social influence and free social tools to increase your sales and conversions.

In Social Proof Secrets will we dive into the psychologically proven strategies of social proof and how to move beyond just a testimonial on your website or a review here and there. It’s time to supercharge your social proof!

Sales Funnel 101 Course

sales funnel 101 course

Want to automate your lead generation and sales with qualified, ready-to-buy prospects?

Through this sales funnel online course, we’ll show you the winning strategies, including everything from lead generation to lead magnets, to not only address your company’s pain points and reach your target audience, but create a reliable marketing funnel.

Blogging 10 Course

Business Blog Course

Want to make content that attracts the right customers?

When you create the right content you attract your ideal clients. It makes you visible to your audience and helps ignite a connection. The Blogging for Business Course will show you not only how to create content that your audience will love, but how to save time and make money from your business blog.

Guest Blogging Course

guest blogging course

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tap into another’s audience and broaden your reach?

With guest posting you can. In the Guest Blogging Mastery course, you’ll learn how to find the right sites to blog for, how to contact them for the best results, how a create content they love and grows your audience, and how to make it fun and profitable.

Copywriting 101 Course


Want to write emails, promotions, and website pages that turn browsers into buyers?

 Anyone can write this way! Learn step-by-step how to apply the proven tips and formulas of copywriting…and you’ll start writing high-converting copy right as you go through the course.

Ideal Customer Course

ideal customer profile course

Want to instantly connect with your prospects in a way that makes them ready to buy?

When you know your customer, the one that wants and needs what you have to offer, your marketing is easier, you sell more, and your customers become raving fans. In this course, you’ll learn exactly how to do just that!

Find Your Niche

find your niche course

Want to find a market segment that needs your services and is ready to buy?

Do this correctly and your business will not only match your passions, but it will also go a long way toward meeting all your financial needs.  This course is your step-by-step process to find your perfect Niche Market.

Success Habits Course


Starting a business but worried you don’t have what it takes? 

Starting, running, and growing a thriving business isn’t about natural talent or instincts. Sure, you need a good idea and a good marketing plan, but what you really need is to develop the behaviors of the most successful business owners.

Start Your Business Course

start your business smart

Ready to start a business but want to make sure you aren’t missing the keys to success?

Learn how to pick the business model tha’s right for you, determine what to sell, the value of creating a ‘minimum viable product, and the essential details every startup has to pay attention to launch their business successfully.

Expert Author Course

Become an Expert Author Course

Are you wanting to stand out as an expert in your market with a book, but not sure where to start?

Writing a book is one of the most powerful ways to build credibility and a reputation as an expert. And it’s easier than you think.

Learn the easy-to-follow process to create your expert book; from writing, promotion, and beyond.

Digital Marketing Coaching Program

Learn Digital marketing in the Smart Arsenal with Torie Mathis

Smart Arsenal - Coaching + Community and more!

For the serious entrepreneur ready to win the digital marketing realm. Get exclusive marketing workshops, tools, plans, and coaching. Everything you need to succeed with your online marketing.

If you are looking for the skills you need, done for your resources to get you their faster and the coaching and support to ensure your success with digital marketing this program is for you.

Let’s get smart.

build an email list from scratch

Learn Digital Marketing

I help entrepreneurs, authors, and coaches grow their businesses with smart digital marketing strategies. Get the best internet marketing courses made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. I’ve been there, as struggling newbie business owners and in the trenches running our 7-figure digital marketing agency for small businesses.

You don’t have to be the expert.
That is what the SMART Arsenal is here for.

We show you what to do and how to do it so you can build sustainable assets that will continue to bring you more leads, customers, and profits for years to come. We’ll share all of our Digital Marketing Agency secrets, shortcuts, templates, and resources so you get results in the shortest time possible.

We’re entrepreneurs too.

It takes more than “book smarts” to market a business. It takes real world experience, being on the front line, and understanding what it’s like being a a busy entrepreneur. 

That is why we’ve made it easy to have everything ready to go in the quickest way possible and give you the step-by-step, start-to-finish instructions you need. So you take less of your time and get more of the results you want.

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