We’re Entrepreneurs too

Many agencies are full of those with marketing degrees but little real-life business experience.

We’re a little different. We started in the military but landed in entrepreneurship. Unlike other marketers, we know what its like to run both online and brick and motor businesses.

Meet Torie

Torie has 20 years of experience working with entrepreneurs and small business owners. She has built brands from the ground up and rescued forgotten ones by injecting them with new life. She is the founder and Creative Director of Lake Shark Media. She is also a best selling author, marketing coach and creator of multiple online courses available on toriemathis.com

She loves boosting business’ bottom line through strategic marketing and design and teaching entrepreneurs the fundamentals of marketing their business in a way that makes them feel empowered and in control.

She proudly served in the US Army, hustled in corporate America and worked at small businesses, including her family business. She started at the bottom as a part-time production assistant (can I get anyone some coffee?) and worked her way up to assistant publisher at a magazine publishing house. She earned BFA in Advertising from the prestigious Academy of Art in San Francisco. She and Sean also started Miles Through Time Automotive Museum and Vintage Garage Antiques.

When she is not designing at her laptop or coaching her clients you can find her painting, at the gym training or competing at Olympic Weightlifting.

Torie Mathis, Founder Lake Shark Media
sean mathis mtt

Meet Sean

Sean has worked with business owners for over a decade, where he learned what you really need to succeed. He has a knack for connecting with the wants and needs of entrepreneurs and aligning real-world solutions.

Sean enjoys meeting like-minded big thinkers and go-getters. His marketing and design expertise allows him to sculpt a plan for each individual – there are no cookie-cutter solutions…and he knows how to make them happen.

Sean proudly served for over a decade in the Air National Guard, including a deployment to Afghanistan. Along with a BA in Business Management and a minor in Business, Sean boasts a career in Law Enforcement and years of sales experience under his belt.

When Sean is not working with business owners on better marketing, you can find him running his own businesses: at his non-profit Miles Through Time Automotive Museum and Vintage Garage Antiques.

Smart AF Podcast with Torie and Sean

After 15+ years of building a marketing agency, working with thousands of frustrated business owners, and bootstrapping her way past 7-figures, Army Veteran Torie Mathis knows the struggle is real. Joined by her husband, Sean Mathis, fellow entrepreneur and Founder of Miles Through Time Automotive Museum, they talk marketing strategy, small business, raising kids, working together, accomplishing big goals, and of course, how to work Smart AF.

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